Alam Terumas Sdn Bhd (ATSB) is a company with Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) with the highest category Grade “G7” – no limitation in tendering capacity amount for General Building Construction and Civil Engineering Construction works.

We had helped Alam Terumas Sdn Bhd to build their first website. As their business are growing rapidly, they need an online platform to display their corporate profile, portfolio, projects, skill and certification and also career opportunities.

For Alam Terumas website, we wanted to make the website to look informative but not too complex. We had designed the website in a way that user the browses their website will stay and read more information related to their company.

We had also provide Content Management System (CMS) for Alam Terumas as they need to update their project frequently. Whenever their project completed, or any new project had started, Alam Terumas will need to update their website with project description and pictures from time to time.

Client: Alam Terumas Sdn Bhd

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Category: Corporate Web Design

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