SEO Techniques for On-Page Optimization

There are many ways and techniques on doing optimization for building up a good SEO approach. Today we’ll be discussing on On-Page Optimization Technique which is part of the SEO activities that are being done by SEO experts to rank up websites in the modern world today.

Identify and research on viable keywords

Before performing any SEO activites, we should research on which keywords that potential customers might input into the Google Search Engine. It can be several keywords in most cases. Once the keywords are deemed achievable, then we would start to perform the optimization process. Keywords should be specific and relevant to your company as much as possible. It should also resonate with the services or products that your business are trying to provide to the market. Optimization would be performed by integrating these keywords into the website in places such as page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions.

Keyword-rich headings

Include <h1>,<h2> and heading tags with your targeted keywords is one of the way to improve your site overall SEO rankings. Besides, long tail keywords would also another viable option for you to consider since it has lesser competitors in this spectrum.

A good meta description is what sets you apart

Meta description is a description that you could see when searching a website in Google Engine which is just underneath the website title that briefly describes the content of the web page. It is also considered an introduction to the web pages itself. This particular meta description could be customized in any way that you preferred and should contains the specific target keyword phrase. This approach would be able to improve your keyword exposure and improves the effectiveness of SEO.

Create Content for your website

Content creation is an important part of an ongoing SEO effort. Publishing contents on a regular basis notifies Google Engine that your website is active and could rank higher than those who don’t. Furthermore, you should also do internal linking with desired anchor keywords which could increase the SEO natural traffic. In an information era, we should also do our part by sharing our prospects or knowledge to others in the world. This would definitely bring benefits to the community and also makes your website stand out from the rest.

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